Look out people! We are about to be destroyed by juice boxes!

The use of cartoons by the Federal Government to impart information with political messages to young people has a long, rich tradition in our country.  When my parents were kids, the Federal Government created this film called Duck and Cover in 1951.  Ostensibly, the purpose of the film was to help children learn how to survive a nuclear attack.  An obvious secondary effect of the film was to convince young people to view communists with suspicion and fear.

Today of course, Communists are no longer to be feared, rather they are in fact, now the good guys… right?

The government is now making use of cartoons to spread a very different type of message.  Basically, the message is that humans are evil and are destroying the planet.  Our Federal Government has partnered with the “Story of Stuff” people to create a kid friendly wrapping around this poisonous message.  Observe this video that describes how those little juice boxes your kids like will ultimately be the end of the planet as it is literally buried in juice boxes.

Around 1:46 in this video it depicts the Earth from space not as a serene, beautiful planet dominated by vast, blue oceans but rather as a giant pile of juice boxes.  This video is not extreme in any way is it… right?  If these people get worked up over these small juice boxes, I wonder how they feel about these:

Giant Juice Box

Here is another video created by this same partnership that tries to convince young video gamers not to upgrade their gaming hardware when new innovations are introduced in the market place.  Upgrading their system obviously means that the old system will instantly be sent straight to a land fill where it will join others in a conspiracy to destroy the planet.

I have often wondered how to convince young people that conservatism is the correct philosophy for them.  I think our political adversaries have stumbled upon the answer for us.  Some young viewers of this video will become lifelong Republicans.  More please!

When I was a kid, the government created videos targeted at young people that were very different from the garbage that is being created today:

Pay special attention in the above video above to what happens at 2:30 which causes the “Story of Stuff” lady’s head to explode.  Can we bring these videos back to at least provide a bit of balance?

* The idea to include this last video was shamelessly stolen from JRothenbuecher on twitter

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2 Responses to Look out people! We are about to be destroyed by juice boxes!

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  2. Anniee451 says:

    I learned SO MUCH from Schoolhouse Rock; to this day I can’t recite the preamble without singing it in my head. Bought the whole series on videotape years ago; though it’s bittersweet to hear those songs now. They even taught us American History in school!

    If you haven’t already, you should check out Lee Doren’s videos on youtube; he has a 4 part critique of The Story of Stuff, wherein using peer-reviewed science and hard data, he rips her entire video to shreds point by point.

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