You dang extremely extreme extremists really should just shaddup!

The Democrat party strategy for the closing week of this election seems to be: Claim your opponent is an extreme wingnut outside the mainstream of the country.  I believe this will also be the strategy used against elected Republicans and their supporters after the election in the battle of ideas for which direction the country should take.  As a public service, I have created this handy checklist you can use to determine whether or not you are an extremist.

How do you know you are not an extremist?

  • You believe in following the same path which has resulted in the rioting we now see in France and Greece.
  • You support crippling our economy by cap and trade, income redistribution, regulation of dust particles, cow farts and the air breathed out by all animals on the planet.
  • You think it’s great when the mainstream media makes up stuff and reports it but it bothers you when Fox News reports the truth.
  • You can read the text of the Constitution and you have the ability to spot all those words printed clearly in that invisible ink.  Take the first amendment, for example, the words ‘separation’, ‘church’ and ‘state’ are all clearly there if you just stop being so dang extreme!
  • You think its possible to provide free health care for all without increasing the number of doctors, nurses, clinics or hospitals and without rationing care to anyone.
  • You support trying to create a Utopian society using a plan that has been used by hundreds of leaders in dozens of countries for over 100 years and has failed to result in anything even approaching an actual Utopian society.
  • You base your opinion on emotion and feelings rather than on actual facts and logic.
  • You recognize the brilliance of Paul Krugman and recognize that Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek have never been right about anything…. ever!
  • You prefer an anonymous, unknown bureaucrat hundreds of miles away control the policies and curriculum at the school a block from your house rather than the local politicians who you can actually meet and talk with.
  • You believe that a tax payer funded pension which pays out at 100% of a government worker’s salary with no contribution from that worker is reasonable.  Oh, and it should pay out at age 40.
  • You believe that ethanol is a viable solution to (any) problem.
  • You believe that society is perfectible and the way to achieve that is by growing government just a wee bit more.
  • You support the idea that a pro-life or pro-gun group should not have a say in choosing or influencing politicians but you think it’s perfectly fine for govt union workers to choose those with whom they negotiate their salary and benefits.
  • You believe that the latest government Ponzi scheme will work better than the last one.
  • You believe that ANY government Ponzi scheme will ever work.
  • You have confidence that politicians, especially the Democrat politicians can solve all problems in the country.
  • You believe that arrogance and incompetence are the traits that should be sought for people in public office.
  • You believe that government is always benevolent and corporations (big and small) are all evil.
  • You see no problems with someone traveling around the country in private jets and gas guzzling SUVs to appear at events where that person complains about the overuse of fossil fuels.
  • You recognize that anyone who disagrees with you is a racist but you don’t recognize a racist from West Virginia who served 50+ years in the Senate.
  • You believe that anyone who disagrees with you is morally defective in some way.
  • You believe that anyone who disagrees with you is mentally defective in some way.
  • You think Ronald Reagan benefited from all the brilliant policies that Jimmy Carter put in place while he was president.
  • You cringe at the thought of a B-movie actor becoming president but the thought of a second rate comedian from SNL during the period when the show was particularly unwatchable becoming senator excites you.
  • You think the bad guys are the ones with the U.S. flag patches on their shoulders.
  • You care deeply about people dying from AIDS around the world but the millions of deaths from malaria don’t bother you that much.
  • You think a retirement account managed by the government is superior to a privately owned and managed retirement account.
  • You think it’s perfectly fine for legislators to vote for multi-thousand page bills without reading them first.

Bonus – How do you know you are an extremist?

  • You are sometimes seen waving a Gadsen flag in public.
  • You are sometimes seen waving a ‘Join, or Die’ flag in public. (you are really extreme if you are doing this).
  • You do not supporting the bankrupting of the country.
  • You believe that we would all be better off if able bodied people made efforts to provide for themselves.
  • You express discomfort/disbelief in the mantra of hope and change.
  • You carry around a pocket sized U.S. Constitution in your pocket.
  • You lack confidence in politician’s (from either party) ability to solve all problems in the country.
  • You believe that anyone who disagrees with you doesn’t fully understand the issue and can be convinced if only you could improve your argument.
  • You think the good guys are the ones with the U.S. flag patches on their shoulders.
  • You recognize that tax and regulatory policy affects human behavior in unintended and unforeseen ways.

Final thought : If a liberal screams “Extremist!!” in a crowded theater, does anyone notice?

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3 Responses to You dang extremely extreme extremists really should just shaddup!

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  2. WhiteSnow says:

    Love your list! Of course, there is no open minds on that side of the country.

    Need to also read a new book out where Americans finally take a stand & it’s a thriller mainly cause it sounds as though it written about each of us. I recommend it.

    I can only hope that 2011 brings civility, but I am sure that things are going to get worse with millions losing their 99-week unemployment checks each week. Good list & article – thanks!

  3. Mitchell says:

    I think the media deserves most of the blame for the current political climate. But we all have to be nice.

    It is all personal now not policy.

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